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When considering the educational opportunities for children, many parents are unaware of the importance of the spiritual side of academic development. No school and no teacher teaches in a vacuum. The beliefs, values, morals, and worldview of a teacher are shared anytime instruction is given, whether the teacher realizes this conveyance or not.

God expects children to be taught truth in EVERY subject. This requires teachers to teach from a biblical worldview. When God is excluded from instruction in a subject, we are teaching children that it is acceptable and safe to exclude God from some areas of life. No matter how rigorous the academics, no matter how high the scores, if God is excluded from the subject we have missed the mark for excellence.

Along those same lines, if a school provides chapel and prayer and Bible classes but does not inform the students of God through rigorous academic subjects, then Christian education has not taken place.

What makes TCS different from other educational institutions is how we approach the academic subjects through the lens of Scripture, through God's absolute truths, and through His meta-narrative of creation, fall, and redemption.

In man’s eyes, TCS is successful because of our high percentage of students who have high standardized test scores and who are accepted to a college or university. But to us, true success comes when we partner with parents and see children prepared for life, for leading their families, for being thoughtful leaders in the community, and all from God’s perspective.

We hope you discover Trinity Christian School to be a place where your children learn truth in EVERY subject and experience.

Kent Mathias, Interim Head of School                                                                                                                                                                                                 



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